Billing Policy for Non-Medicare & Non-Tricare Patients

Our office uses a “Direct Pay” system.  The fees for Dr. Bressler’s services are due before leaving the office.  These fees are based on the time Dr. Bressler spends with you, plus the cost for any specific tests performed (such as an EKG or stress-test) plus the cost for any treatment provided such as vaccinations, injections or freezing treatments for skin conditions.

A copy of Dr. Bressler’s fees are available from the staff at the front desk, and by clicking here.

Dr. Bressler is not an “in-network” or “participating” provider for any insurance company.  After you have  paid your bill, you will be given documents which will easily allow you to submit your claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The rates of reimbursement vary between insurance companies.

How much will my appointment with Dr. Bressler cost?
Costs for office visits are based on two factors:
1. Time directly with Dr B.
2. Fees for injections (for example, a cortisone shot) or procedures (for example, an EKG)

The fee for direct time with Dr. Bressler is $50 per tenth-of-an hour.
Here are some examples with the estimated costs:
1. An appointment to review lab results, which typically takes 5—10 minutes, is $50—100.
2. A school physical usually takes 10—15 minutes with a fee of $100—150.
3. An annual physical usually takes 20–45 minutes with a fee of $200-400.
4. An appointment to evaluate, discuss and plan treatment of a complicated condition such as colitis or depression typically takes about 20–30 minutes with a fee of $200—250.
5. A visit for a bad “flu”, which typically takes about 10—15 minutes, is $100–150.
6. A visit for a complicated emergency (cardiac chest pain, pneumonia, severe abdominal pain) typically takes 30—45 minutes with a fee of $250—400.

The duration of new patient visits are scheduled according to their anticipated level of complexity. Patients with long-standing, complex problems (for example chronic fatigue, major metabolic abnormalities or autoimmune diseases) are scheduled for 60-90 minutes. Simpler problems are scheduled for 30–60 minutes depending on Dr Bressler’s estimate of the time needed. If you need more than the time allotted, it may be possible to have that time on the same day, depending on Dr. B’s schedule. Otherwise, a follow-up visit will be scheduled to complete the consultation and treatment plan.

To be clear, you are ONLY charged for the time spent directly with Dr. Bressler. If, for example, we schedule 30 minutes for your visit and your appointment takes only 15 minutes with the doctor, then you are only charged for 15 minutes. There is no charge at all for time with the nurses.  

Acute-Problem Phone Consultation

Telephone Consultations
1. Minor Ailments: Telephone treatment is available for minor problems such as upper respiratory infections or urine infections. The nurses will interview you (using a questionnaire designed by Dr Bressler), If Dr B thinks that it is safe to diagnose and treat you by phone he will order medications and natural supplements. Nurses will check in on you over the next few days to ensure that you are responding as expected. The fee for such treatment is $100. The fee will be charged to your credit card at the time of the treatment.

2. Other Conditions. We also offer phone consultations to patients for medical conditions that may be complex or simple but don’t necessarily require an in-office visit and physical exam. These consultations save patients the hassle of traveling to the office. The fees for such appointments are the same as for office visits, based on the time spent with you by Dr Bressler.