Our Staff



Stephanie was born and raised in San Diego. She worked in another doctor’s office before joining us in 2008. She loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to help people.  Away from the office, Stephanie says that her family is most important. Her daughter Chloe constantly reminds her parents that she is actually a princess.



Katie was born and raised in San Diego. She had a career in cosmetology before coming to our office in 2010. Her favorite thing about her work is learning about people’s stories and backgrounds. She has a cat named Duchess and two rescue dogs from Mexico, Cassius Clay and Edo Voss.



Jamie was born and raised in San Diego. She worked for an optometrist before coming to our office  in 2012. Her favorite thing about work is the rapport that she builds with patients and the camaraderie she shares with her coworkers.   As her second job, she is the assistant to her two cats Archie and Bianca. She loves professional sports, Marvel movies and Disneyland.

Carl, RCDS​

Imaging Technician

Carl was born and raised in New Jersey, then spent many years surfing the big waves of Hawaii before settling down in San Diego. He has four beautiful daughters and a wife all of whom keep him humble. He continues to find comfort and fun in surfing and fishing. He’s been working in our office since 2007.


Office Mascot
12/8/2008 - 8/13/ 2021

Izzy came into Dr Bressler’s life in 2010 as a rescue through a patient who was fostering him. His pedigree is half Australian Cattle Dog and half Dachshund. He loves Dog Beach, sun bathing and having his fur brushed. He is a proudly uncertified service dog. He spends every working day in the office either napping or making the staff and patients smile.